Why Shuddhi Box- COVID 19 Disinfectant is the need of the hour?

Amidst this outbreak of novel coronavirus cases in the country, there is a high need to keep oneself safe from the highly contagious virus. The primary ways to protect yourself from the virus is to wash your hands at regular intervals or sanitise them in every 20 minutes or touching any object. Use masks while stepping out and maintain social-distancing. Stay inside as much as possible. Only step out for essentials. Quarantine the moment you see any symptom of the virus. There is a possibility that the virus may not show any symptoms. The most common symptoms of Coronavirus are:

1-      Fever

2-      Dry cough

3-      Tiredness

Less common symptoms are:

1-      Aches and pains

2-      Sore throat

3-      Diarrhea

4-      Conjunctivitis

5-      Headache

6-      Loss of taste or smell

7-      A rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes.

Serious symptoms:

1-      Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

2-      Chest pain or pressure

3-      Loss of speech or movement.

Kill coronavirus with the first Corona disinfectant UV sterilization with wireless charging. The box offers genuine results. There are three different types of UV rays: A, B and C. Shuddhi Box utilizes UV-C rays that works against COVID or other viruses effectively.

What things can you sterilize with Shuddhibox?

1-      Mobile phones

2-      Watch

3-      Jewelry

4-      Glasses

5-      Keys

6-      Spoon

7-      Masks

8-       Makeup

9-      Currency notes

Let’s compare our UV Sterilizer Boxwhy it stands out in comparison to the other products:

Sl.Parameter of ComparisonShuddhi BoxOther One
1.UV CalibratedCalibratedNon-calibrated
2.UV lampsPresentUV led tube
3.No. of UV lamps3 set with 360-degree coverage covering bottom as well2 side led tube
4.Efficiency certificate from an authentic labCertifiedNot-certified
5.Dosage formulaePatentedNo patent available
6.Product qualityGenuine parts are used for better efficiency and effectiveness on virusesUnauthentic and cheap product used
7.Certified medical deviceYesNo
8.Warranty and after salesYesNo
9.BrandMade in IndiaOut of India
10.Award and CertificationAwarded by Government of India Certified by NABLNo source

Book your safety from COVID-19 now! Get Shuddhi box safely delivered at your doorsteps. Sanitize your object within 5 minutes. Protect yourself and your family from the virus that has literally stopped all our lives. Invest in a genuine product.

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