What look for in UV sterilization devices?

UV lamps were the first to be endorsed by the medical profession. It has been used traditionally to disinfect operation theatres. UV light sterilization is an environmentally friendly method of killing bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses.

Ultra Violet Sterilization is a technology discovered in 1879. A very useful technology was discovered and it can be used for cleaning infectious spaces. Since then studies have been conducted to determine the exact beneficial nature of the UV rays. 
1- It has been used since 20th century to disinfect things like water and work surfaces. 

2- UV light is a shorter wavelength than visible light, and therefore is able to penetrate and destroy the bodies of viruses and bacteria. 

3- UV rays can kill over 99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in an extremely short span of time. 

What type of UV light is best?

Most of the sterilization devices use UV-C light as the source. It is surely an effective solution and therefore is widely used. This light can also cause some serious damage as well. 
UV-C light can penetrate human skin. This might result into damage if not used properly. Shuddhi box uses a different wavelength of the UV spectrum which results in the same disinfecting strength as UV-C without the dangerous side effects.
India continues to breach the 200-mark and the number of infected cases is rising. Scientists are busy in making the vaccine and the whole world is in hope that we achieve success so as this pandemic is removed. Not only are we in danger that it might affect us but the novel coronavirus is doing much worse.
The highlighted key problems can be listed as below:
1- Risk of the infection.

2- Migrants dying.

3- Mental health degradation.

4- Economic crisis.

5- Students graduation getting delayed.

6- Recession.

7- Debts

8- And the list is endless.

To be safe is a necessity now because the grave danger is not being infected but also transferring the virus to your family and loved-ones. And to top it all, the infected person can either by symptomatic or asymptomatic. Symptomatic is the one who shows symptoms whereas asymptomatic is the one does not show any symptoms. 
Shuddhibox is a means to keep you safe and save your energy from washing each and everything or trying to sanitize your gadgets every hour at the risk of their functioning. 
Pre-order one now! Let us help not spread this virus. The lockdown might be lifting but one must only step out when necessary.

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