“UVC- based disinfectant portable product Sguddhi box developed by tech startup Arista Vault, is laudable innovation to disinfect smartphones & other small wearables in an effective manner.”

Dr. Omkar Rai, Director General STPI

“I got this product to get an extra bit of protection for my family from harmful germs and viruses going around. It works like a charm! Very easy to use. You push the sterilize button and process starts. It is big enough to fit my iPhone XS Max in it, so I’m very happy about that.”

Rajeev Sisodiya, Employee

“With all that's going on in the World now I feel much safer sanitizing my cell phone when I come home each day. Your phone is probably the dirtiest thing you have and you handle it all day and have it close to your face.This device is easy to use and portable.”

Manisha Sahu, Businesswoman

The best product for UV Sterlization.... perfect Comfortable design, its very useful now a days and definitely it take care of something which we generally ignore. Since its our own product (Made in India), so naturally a sense of belongingness is higher than other products.

Dhirender, General Manager NSIC

“This is awesome. Easy to clean my germy cellphone and key. It seems to be working. Use it every day after returning home from work. Easy to use, just put the phone in the sterilization box and disinfect it in 8 minutes. And this item have lot of space to can hold many items, such watches, key. I am happy to have the product and make me safe.”

Sanket Tiwari, HDFC Bank

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