How UV rays can be beneficial to aseptic environment?

The sun has this power to naturally cleanse earth’s surface with ultraviolet energy. There are UVA, UVB and UVC rays. We have probably heard about UVA and UVB because of conditions like sun burns and skin cancer. There is a third classification UVA, these rays consist of the highest energy and this makes them the most dangerous type of UV ray. UV light is much more convenient than soap and water. You just need to put all your items in the box and poof it is done!

Shuddhi Box

It has been shown in the laboratory studies that UV light is effective in killing bacteria. It also affects viruses in the same way. A point to be needed, UV light should never be used on the skin or any other part of the body. Do not look at it when using UV-light device to clean objects or surfaces.

The spread of the virus is very fast. The time calls out for immediate action to prevent the spread of the disease at the community level. The things we use the most at this time are need to be protect. Not everything can be washed or sanitized but they have virus. According to studies, the virus could rest up to 72 hours on a plastic surface, one week on masks, and on glass for 96 hours. 

Most of the studies reveal that the phones are dirtier than a public washroom and need proper cleaning. If it is that dirty then it is most prone to spreading the virus, along with currency note, watch, specs, pen, earbuds, wearables and masks etc. It is very important to do what we can at our level so as to not spread this disease further. 
For health workers and policemen along with essential service workers, who are our heroes and working on the front foot, it might not be possible for them to disinfect their mobile, wallet and money with every frequent use.

The Shuddhi Box is what people need at this hour. This box will help fight the spread of the COVID-19. This box will help you disinfect mobile phones, currency notes, wallets, watch, eyewear & masks. The box claims to kill 99.99% of the virus by unique Ultraviolet sterilizer method within 5 minutes. The box also supports contactless charging for mobile phone. The aim of such a creation is to stop community spread through mobile phones because they are the most used devices and active carriers of the virus. The technique involves the method used in hospitals to sterilize surgical equipment. 
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