How “Shuddhi Box” WORKS ?


Simply place your Mobile Phone in the Shuddhi Box and close the lid. During a 5 minutes cycle, a powerful UV-C light kills 99.99% of germs. When the Green light indicator turns ON, your phone is completely clean.

This UV-C light effectively destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart Virus DNA. With their DNA broken, Virus cannot function or reproduce and the organisms die.

In the Shuddhi Box controlled environment, UV-C light effectively and safely sanitizes your Mobile as well as anything that fits in Shuddhi Box.

shuddhi box

Charge your Phone wirelessly by simply placing it top of the Shuddhi Box and Red light indicator is on.

Not only this, it has sanitizer diffuser inside, as an additional measure to evenly spray the sanitizer, you can add 2-3 drops Of Sanitizer to the hole given for spray the gadget.

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