1. Why should I buy Shuddhi Box over other cheap products?

Ans: Shuddhi Box has a unique dosage formula (patented) to Disinfect Electronic device and other articles effectively. We have complete Indian certification and testing, which proves its effectiveness. So with the parameter of lab test results, Genuinity, awarded product by Government of India, and proven effectiveness of 100% disinfectant efficacy, you should buy an effective product over ineffective/uncertified cheap products, because these cheap products can endanger your life despite saving it from Virus. Shuddhi Box is proudly Made In India.

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2. What certificates to look after to ascertain the right product to buy?

Ans: The test conducted, the reports , the results and proper cetification is very important in Covid19 products & because of it , you will ensure your safety. The Certificates should be-

  1. Disinfection efficacy test on virus and bacteria.
  2. Microbial test and its effectiveness on Mobile and other electronic
  3. ROHS safety test (10 Factor) on health and electronics
  4. International Electrotechnical Commission test for standards

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3. Where Can I see Shuddhi Box Certificates?

Ans: You can see the certificates available in the website www.shuddhibox.com as we believe in transparency to our esteemed customers.

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4. Is there any warranty on products?

Ans: Yes our product comes with a warranty of 12 months on any manufacturing defects on the product. It’s UV Lamps has an estimated life span of up to 10000 hours.

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5. What kind of items can it disinfect?

Ans: Mobile/Watch/Money/Mask/Keys/Earphone/rings/jewellery and more items can be sterilized in the Shuddhi Box.

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6. How does it work?

Ans: Just put any of these items in Shuddhi Box and push the button once, the disinfection process would start and within 8 minutes of time, your belongings would be sterilize. During the Disinfection process the red light would lit on button indicator.

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7. Can it Charge and clean both at the same time?

Ans: Yes, you can disinfect items and simultaneously charge your phone wirelessly.

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8. What is the technique used to effectively disinfect the items?

Ans: It works on proven disinfectant technology of UVC light and patented combination of electro-optical rays.

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