COVID-19 : Arista Shuddhi Box to sanitize Smartphone, Cash, Electronics

A Gurgaon-based technology startup has come up with a most needed solution – Shuddhi Box, in this pandemic period. It is a known fact that Corona virus has devastating effect on entire world. The spread of virus is very vast. It requires immediate action to prevent the disease at the community level during the period of latent infection, which involves fast-spreading, endangering the health of large numbers of people, and creating the chain of infections through gadgets, mobile, currency notes, money, masks, clothes and plastic. According to a report, the virus could rests up to 72 hours on plastic surfaces, one week on masks, and on glass for 96 hours.
According to a WHO report – smartphone is one of the most used gadgets by everyone and is a highly exposed gadget to Corona virus spread. Another report stated that the mobile phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet, therefore it needs proper cleaning.
Our smartphone is prone to spread the virus, along with bank notes, watches, specs, pen, ear buds, wearables and masks etc. The virus can spread from these devices through respiratory droplets and close contact as these are frequently used. And there is no way to effectively disinfect these crucial items, especially mobile phones and bank notes.
For health workers and policemen, along with essential service workers, who are our heroes and working on the front, it is not possible to disinfect their mobile and wallet and money after frequent use and also to charge mobile, when needed at the time of emergency.

The solution is Shuddhi Box
Arista vault, a Gurgaon based tech startup has come up with a unique solution in association with the Software Technology Park of India (STPI). The complete solution to fight against Corona and to make mobile, bank notes, money, wallet, watch, eyewear and mask disinfected, where it will kill 99.99% of virus by unique UV (ultra violet) sterilizer method UV-C wavelength 253.7nm within 5 minutes. It also provides contactless charging for mobile phone. It makes sure that the mobile to be virus-free and super clean with ‘most effective disinfectant technique of UV-C sterilizing’.
No water ! No sanitizer ! No mist ! 

Stop spreading, protect your family, and protect society. It can be used in  hospitals, offices, shops and home. Ms Purvi Roy, Co-founder and CEO Arista Vault, says, “We wanted to create a concrete solution to stop the community spread in India. Since smart phones are the most used devices and active carriers of the virus, we worked on a model to stop spread of the virus through phones. We worked under the guidelines of STPI, MeitY’s Electropreneur Park to develop Shuddhi Box with the help of Dr Ashok Chowdhry, Associate Professor, Hepatologist and Liver Transplant, ILBS Delhi. The technique was so far used in hospitals to sterilize surgical equipments. It can also sterilize bank notes.”

Shuddhi Box will be soon available in the market for everyone in the month of June for immediate use. Right now we are taking bulk orders from hospitals and Govt offices. We have filed four patents for this technology,” said Col Krishan Kumar Singh, the Founder and inventor.

How Does It Works
Insert your smartphone in Shuddhi Box. It would take 5 minutes for complete disinfectant process and the green light starts blinking as soon as it is clean. You can take out the mobile phone. You can also disinfect bank notes and other small gadgets and masks. It also gives contactless charging simultaneously.
Researchers design powerful lights with UV-C technology in the range of 253.7nm. According to the research team CDC USA and Journal for Virogical method (CDC. GOV), the strength of the Sun is strong enough to kill viruses like COVID-19 and the research team found that continuous low doses of far UV-C (far-UVC) light can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues.
Shuddhi Box is based on the dose principal, unique formula of the product of irradiation time and irradiation intensity is measured in UV-C dose (mWs/cm2) = intensity (mW/cm2)* time(s). Researchers says UV-C technology in the range of 253.7nm wavelength nanometers (nm), is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together. This conventional UV light is routinely used to decontaminate surgical equipment. 
Shuddhi Box is available on website 12th May onwards on prebooking basis. It is already being delivered to hospitals, Govt organizations and is also available in Govt E-market place (GeM).

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