Arista Vault Technology Co. Ltd is the global leading supplier of smart solutions, as a Associate member of center of Excellence with Government of India Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, focusing on the field of Electronics System Design and Manufacturing, insisting on stable management, constantly innovation and open ended cooperation. We establish the strategic cooperation relationship with the international leading enterprises in various industries and fields and maintain close contact with leading scientific research institutions, Provided by Govt. of India and following Government guidelines and procedure as Research Concept Patent production testing/trials certification. That’s why our product is genuine authentic patented certified and backed by Government. Each product quality speaks for itself being the material used in the color and the Technology used Not only this we provide guarantee on each and every product with satisfaction accelerate, into the future”, to make people easier and more convenient life.

After years of continuous development, the Govt. support with R&D team and thousands of clients, We promise the assurity and Guarantee on business.

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